16 New Sights in the City of Keene

I’ve always had a particular fondness for the city of Keene.  Perhaps it’s because growing up in nearby Walpole, our family would travel to the “big city” to do our weekly grocery shopping, go out to dinner, or to  see a movie. Or, perhaps it’s because as an adult, I love the city’s Main Street (it’s on USA Today’s list of Charming main streets across the US), lined with eclectic shops, great restaurants, a historic theatre and performance center, and cool coffee shops. Now, another reason to be enamored with the Elm City: a fantastic display of the city’s history in larger than life murals on buildings around downtown.

Mural highlighting Civil Righst Activist Jonathan Daniels on exterior of brick building


The murals were painted by the Walldogs. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a group of professional sign  artists from all over the world. Each year, hundreds of these artists travel to one community to paint the town!

Artist on ladder painting mural on side of brick building

The Walldogs mural festival was held in Keene in June and spanned four days. What they created in that time were amazing works of art that share a window into Keene’s past. The people, places, and events that have helped make the city what it is today.

Mural on side of building with various baseball images and captions that highlight the history of baseball in Keene

Plaque on side of bulding describing the history of baseball in Keene New Hampshire

The murals were done in a vintage advertising style. It’s no small feat. It takes a special talent and paint to create art on brick as opposed to on an artists’s canvas.

The 16 murals are called the  Magical History Tour.  Take a walk around you can’t help but marvel at the magnificent works. Such a cool way to showcase Keene’s history.

Mural of Clarence DeMar bronze medalist painted on exterior brick wall of building

If you haven’t been to Keene, consider setting some time aside to check out this creative collection of murals that brings together history and art. If you have been to Keene, well here’s just another reason to plan a trip back. Don’t forget to bring along the walking map to help guide you around the sights.

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