Revved up for Rally Cars!

Buckle up because we’re heading out on an adventure! This week we're taking a ride into the world of rally car driving. Now, before you say you can't do it because you have no idea how to drive a rally car, neither did I.  Here's the scoop: you don't need to be a professional driver to do this. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn. So sit back, strap yourself in and let's put the pedal to the medal. Learn More

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Exploring the Mysteries at America’s Stonehenge and a Salt Cave too!

Connecting with nature and history I’ve heard a lot about the mysterious caves and rock formations at America’s Stonehenge and finally made some time to go and see it for myself. There are more than 100 acres, so one of the first things you'll notice as you start to walk the grounds is that nature is all around you.  The day I visited I could hear the birds chirping away in the trees, and on the ground rustling leaves, sure signs other small wildlife was right nearby. Learn More

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Cheers to New Hampshire’s local spirits!

If you've never visited a distillery before, you're not alone.  I hadn't either, until I took a road trip to one of my favorite areas of New Hampshire, the Monadnock Region.  When you get there, head to the town of Winchester and step inside the New England Sweetwater Farm and Distillery.  It’s really cool to see what the owners are doing to capture the flavors of the region in their handcrafted spirits. Learn More

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A Natural Loofah! Straight from the Farm

  Make your own Loofah from Fiber How cool would it be to make your own loofah out of fiber from farm animals?  I’ll tell you, very cool and easy too!   And you don’t need to have your own farm to do it.  Nestled in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa offers visitors the opportunity to experience their working farm and take a class in wet felting.  I stopped by this spring to see what it was all about.  As a native Granite Stater, I have to admit I had never heard of wet felting so I was pretty keen to learn the basic technique. Learn More

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It’s Here! New Hampshire’s Maple Season!

Mmmm Mmmm Maple! It’s a tell-tale sign of spring in New Hampshire, maple sugaring season.  And it’s one of my favorite times of the year.  As soon as the snowbanks start to recede and the temperatures start to rise, you can bet you’ll start to see steam billowing from sugar houses.  There’s nothing quite like stepping into a sugarhouse and having the sweet smell of boiling sap greet you. The making of maple syrup, a centuries old tradition, is a rite of spring in New Hampshire and it's celebrated at sugar houses all over the state. March, also known as Maple Month in the Granite State is your open invitation to stop by local sugar houses, talk to maple producers and see first-hand how this sweet treat is made. Morning Star Maple, Route 101 Dublin Learn More

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Warm up this winter: A new twist on the classic hot toddy!

Some might say it’s the perfect thing to take the chill off a cold winter day.  I’m talking about the drink known as a Hot Toddy.  By its basic definition (this one from Merriam Webster), a Hot Toddy is a mixed drink made with liquor (usually rum), water, sugar, spices and served hot.   While the actual origin isn’t exactly known, we do know it’s been around for a while.  It’s believed to have been invented in Scotland sometime during the 1700’s. While the traditional recipe is pretty basic, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, New Hampshire’s mixologists are putting a whole new spin on this magnificent cold-weather concoction.  Let me show you how their creations go way beyond your typical hot toddy.   And you are forewarned: this is not your grandparents Hot Toddy! Read on to check out the toddies.

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Learn to Ski for Free this winter in New Hampshire

Make this the winter you learn to ski or ride Yes, that’s right. Free. So, get ready to experience the invigorating feeling of swooshing down the slopes this winter in New Hampshire.  Now is the time you can learn for free. Ragged Mountain Resort has designed a program for first time skiers and snowboarders.  Just take a look at the v-log to see how easy it is to get started! Learn more

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