Experience New Hampshire in the winter from a different view: on the snowmobile trails!


Kris riding snowmobile with view of mountains in background

Let’s just say it’s been a few years since I’ve ridden a snowmobile, let alone drive one so when we decided to hit the trails, I figured – start with the basics. Fortunately New Hampshire has experienced rental dealers and outfitters who guide you through the process so that you have a safe and enjoyable ride!

New Hampshire is known for its 19 downhill ski resorts, but did you know there are 7,000 miles of snowmobile trails! Yes, 7,000.  That would be like driving from New Hampshire to California, and back again, and you’d still have 1,000 miles more to go!  There’s a lot to explore and you don’t have to be an experienced rider to do it!

Exterior of SledVentures with snowmobiles parked in front of building

We stopped by SledVentures in Lincoln, to get outfitted, revved up, and ready for our wintry ride.  They’re one of several outfitters located in the state that offer everything from the specialized gear for riding, to guided tours or snowmobiles to rent if you’re interested in going out on your own.

Customer inside SledVentures trying on snowmobile jacket

Rack full of various size snowmobile jackets and snow pants, shelves of snowmobile helmets

Tours vary in length and cater to different ability levels from beginner to more advanced.  The guided tour, like the one we took is a great option for first time riders.  You get an introduction to the sleds before you ever leave the parking lot, as well as important safety precautions for when you’re out on the trails.

Wideshot of mountain range

Waterfall in the woods

Riding out through the woods is an incredible way to see and experience New Hampshire’s great outdoors during winter.  You see scenery that’s off the beaten path, you might even catch a glimpse of some local wildlife.  Our tour took us up through sections of the White Mountain National Forest to Bog Pond, with mountain views along the way.  Riding through the woods was quite peaceful and calming.  What a sense of freedom to be out in nature.

View looking out over windshield of snowmobile out to trail

New Hampshire really caters to snowmobiles, with trails that will take you right up to restaurants, gas stations, stores even hotels. You’ll find there really is a lot to explore and from what I could see, plenty of snow still to do it.  What are you waiting for? Grab a sled and go!  For more information about trails and conditions visit the New Hampshire Trails Bureau or the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, both are great resources for snowmobiling in New Hampshire.  If you’re not already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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