How I Live Free: Able Ebenezer Brewing Company



After serving in the Army together, Mike Frizzelle and Carl Soderberg went their separate ways in 2011 — one to California and the other to New Hampshire. Though the distance didn’t stop them from working on a business plan together. But where would they build the brewery they envisioned?

Ultimately, it was the “Live Free or Die” state that felt right. Today, Able Ebenezer Brewing Company crafts 1,000 barrels a year in Merrimack, New Hampshire, where friends can gather in the tap room to sip great beer and swap stories, watch a game or listen to live music.

Why We Returned to New Hampshire

The personality we bring to the business, the brand we have chosen and the message we want to communicate resonates here in New Hampshire better than anywhere else. When people think of craft beer from the “Live Free or Die” state, we want them to think of Able Ebenezer. And we try to embody what that means.

Why We Love What We Do

We remember being back in the Army and drinking a good craft beer and thinking, we’d love to have our day’s work be dedicated to making somebody else’s day a little bit happier. It wasn’t really about making beer, it was about making somebody happy. And that’s what drew us into it.

What “Living Free” Means to Us

We think living free is being independent and living life your way. Living life on your terms.