How I Live Free: Adam Arnone

The Keene-based, nationally-recognized rapper tells us how New Hampshire played a big role in his new album, plus, details a few ways he chooses to “live free.”

Adam Arnone spent five years traveling the country both as a solo artist (with the stage name Adeem) as well as in his old hip-hop group Glue before returning to his home state of New Hampshire to start a family. Now, the 40-year-old has joined forces with Josh Blair, Walker Landis, Justin Gregory, and Jon Braught to make the band Adam and the Flood, which fuses rockabilly, the blues, and hip-hop into a genre one fan named “joy against the machine.” Their new album, Move Toward Life, was a deeply personal experience for Arnone, whose lyrics channel his childhood spent in New Hampshire.

How NH has Shaped Me

There is an undeniable connection between New Hampshire and my writing. I’m influenced by the things I’ve seen and the small town I was raised in (Keene). I started learning the history of my family and decided to build on the stories I learned and make them my own, creating a mythology. I like adding something to the conversation in the state I’m from and helping to make this community thrive. This state has shown me a lot of love over the years. Moving back here was my way to say thank you.

What NH Has That Other States Don’t

I toured steadily for many years, so I’ve been all over the country countless times. But there came a time when I wanted to start a family and put down roots. New Hampshire was that place to start a new chapter. I’m from here, as are my parents. It’s a good place to raise a family and to grow up.

What “Living Free” Means to Me

Living free is having the choice to experience life without needing to follow someone else’s expectations. It’s the seam that holds all of us together. I hope New Hampshire keeps moving towards welcoming all people of all backgrounds and lets them feel respected and safe here.

Favorite NH Pastimes

When I’m not working on my music, I like to help others with theirs. I have a company called Push Record that focuses on original songwriting and recording. We do classes at Depot Square in Peterborough to help people streamline the process of songwriting. I also like to support local musicians by going to shows. We have so many great venues around the state like 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, Stone Church in Newmarket, Harlow’s in Peterborough, Brick House in Dover, The Hive and the Colonial Theatre in Keene, just to name a few.



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