How I Live Free: Korey Snow


This Hollis-native and shop owner chats about why New Hampshire is the perfect place for his business, plus, details a few ways he chooses to “live free.”

With a rich farming background, it’ no surprise that Korey Snow is mindful about the food that goes on his plate. And New Hampshire is a great place to be when looking for locally-made and thoughtfully sourced fare. That’s why when Snow and his wife couldn’t find the kitchen’s cooking staple, olive oil, of the same caliber, they decided to source it themselves. Today, their Peterborough-based store, Monadnock Oil and Vinegar, is known for much more than your average olive oil. The shop also offers herbs, salts, cheese, jams, jellies, and a tasting room – not for wine, but for their extensive collection of over 70 varieties of olive oil.

First Intro to NH

I was actually born and raised in Hollis, New Hampshire, on my grandparent’s dairy farm. Because of that, at a young age, I quickly grew to love the outdoors and spent most of my free time skiing, snowmobiling, canoeing, fishing, and hiking.

Starting a Business in NH

Since Kim (my wife) and I both come from farming backgrounds, we have a great knowledge, for better or worse, where the food on our plate comes from. This knowledge is what led us to olive oil, where – after reading the UC Davis study on fraud in olive oil – our eyes were opened to another fraudulent food source we never thought twice about. This led us to start searching for pure true olive oil that we could trust, but we found nothing in our area. After much research and debate, we decided to open Monadnock Oil & Vinegar in Peterborough in order to bring the region the freshest and purest of oils and vinegars.

What NH Has That Other States Don’t

No matter where you are in this state, you are no more than three hours away from mountains, lakes, rivers, and the ocean – honestly, anything an outdoor-oriented couple like us would want. It’s also not only what this state has, but what it doesn’t have. I have always loved living in a place where, thanks to the lack of major big cities, I can see the stars at night. Nashua is as large a city as I ever want to visit. However, even Boston is close if you get the itch for something more cosmopolitan.

Favorite NH Pastimes

If I had to pick one, it would have to be ice fishing. I only “walk on water” three months out of the year here, and I try to do it as much as I can. During the summer, there is nothing like lacing up the hiking boots and finding a new trail. We are always looking for the trail less traveled as there is nothing like spending the day out in nature and hardly ever seeing another soul.

Favorite Place to Escape in NH

My favorite escape it Spoonwood Pond in Nelson (a rural town outside of Keene). The only way to get there is to paddle across Lake Nubanusit and carry up over a small dam. Once on Spoonwood, you feel like you are the first person ever to lay eyes on this body of water.

What “Living Free” Means to Me

It means that I have always had the opportunity to pursue a job that I enjoy and feel like I am making the world a better place because of it. I couldn’t imagine getting up every morning dreading heading to work. And I don’t.

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