How I Live Free: Lisa Osornio

The Colebrook-based restauranteur took over the Great North Wood’s hippest and friendliest coffee shop and turned it into the town’s favorite community space.

Moose Muck was the first coffee shop in the Colebrook area to offer espresso when it opened seven years ago, and, in the year since husband and wife duo Matt Gress and Lisa Osornio took over, the little shop has expanded to offer the community more than your daily caffeine fix. Calling on their experience running a coffee shop in Burlington, Vermont, the pair added to the menu creative espresso drinks, vegetarian-friendly options, and a kids’ corner – complete with drawing materials and musical instruments. “The space is a comfortable and safe place to just come and hang out for a few hours. We are here for the community,” says Osornio. Here, Lisa tells us how she chooses to live free in New Hampshire.

Great North Woods Coffee Shop

First Intro to NH

I’m from Boston, born and raised, and Matt is from Colorado originally. Our first introduction to the area was a vacation home we owned in nearby Lemington, Vermont, but would cross the border into New Hampshire all the time. When I started coming up here to escape the city on weekends, I was floored by how nice people in rural New Hampshire were. I had no idea there were such nice people in New England! It gave me a whole new attitude about life, and after a while, I just wanted to leave the city.  That’s why we left Boston and headed to the rural Great North Woods.


What NH Has That Other States Don’t

The thing about this area that I find fascinating, which people from other parts of the country don’t realize, is how much history there is here. A lot of my neighbors can trace their families back to the original settlers. There are so many stories and lives connected to everything you see around here.  My own house has a crazy history and is a compilation of at least four different dwellings.

What “Living Free” Means to Me

“Living Free” to me means living without the aggravations of the city and or living in close proximity to strangers. It means having the space and freedom to do what you want when you want. For example, Matt plays guitar and I play drums – being able to play at home no matter what time it is is an amazing luxury for us. The freedom to make noise, to express yourself without restrictions, is wonderful.  There’s a lot of space for creativity in an environment like this.

Favorite NH Pastimes

Back when I used to have free time, I loved to hike. The Franconia Notch area has always been a favorite of mine. I also love just walking around the cute towns up here. Littleton is probably my favorite town – It’s quaint and friendly. 

Favorite NH Place to Pause

Up near here, I love Coleman State Park’s Diamond Pond. It is a great place for wildlife sightings. I also highly suggest Beaver Brook Falls. It’s one of the nicest waterfalls in the state and you don’t even have to hike to it.

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