How I Live Free: Tyler McGill of Summer Sessions

Tyler McGill surfed the coasts of Mexico, Bali, Nicaragua, California, and back before returning home to the place he knew his passion could turn into something much more.


That “something more?” Summer Sessions, the New Hampshire surf company Tyler owns with his brother Ryan. Surf lessons, gear, clothing, boards, and more can be found at the two shop locations in Rye and downtown Portsmouth, where Tyler is able to spread his passion and expertise of surfing to those all across the Seacoast and beyond. Here, Tyler tells us why for him, it’ll always be Live Free or Die.

Why I Love What I Do

Making a living from surfing is the dream. I’ve been blessed being able to make something that I thought was a fun summer job and passion into a livelihood. My brother and I’s main goal is for people to have an experience when they come into the shop, something that will stick with them for the rest of the season.

Why I Returned to NH

I’ve spent a lot of time exploring outside of New Hampshire – Africa, Europe, South America, living in California – but there is something about this state that always felt a little more like home. We have a community on the Seacoast that is pretty unique, people come back to us year after year.

What “Living Free” Means to Me

Living free is waking up every day and feeling like the world is my oyster. I can get up and go surf or I can hop in my car and go shred some snow with my buddies. Freedom is waking up and knowing I’m going to do what I want to do today.

Favorite NH Pastimes

Winter surfing. It’s almost like a different sport than traditional surfing. It’s a unique experience: ice is hanging off your gear and you look back at the snow drifts, wind blowing like crazy. It’s an epic feeling.

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