For the Love of Lupines! Bring your camera

Road Trip Time!

It’s a beautiful time of year for a road trip to New Hampshire.  For anyone who enjoys a scenic drive I’ve got just the place.  Head to the Franconia Notch area and keep your eyes out for beautiful spikes of purple, pink, blue and white along the roadsides.  I’m talking about lupines, lots and lots of lupines.

Field of lupines with mountain range

Celebrating a wildflower

A month long festival, known as Celebration of Lupines, pays homage to the arrival of this iconic wildflower.  People come from all over to capture these blooms in all their glory.  While the flowers bloom in other parts of the state, they’re particularly picturesque around Sugar Hill. You really can’t beat the striking scene created with these beautiful blooms against the backdrop of the Franconia, Presidential, and Kinsman Mountain ranges.  In a word, breathtaking.

Pink and purple lupines in a field

Blooms in June

So when is the best time to see the lupines?  Every year, right around the beginning of June you’ll start to see a vibrant sea of color in the local fields and pastures.  Though this year, the blooms are a bit later than I’ve seen in years past.  Seems the rain we had in late May and early June delayed the blooms a bit.  (But that just means they might be around a little longer).

Don’t miss stops

If you’re headed to the area one of the best places to see the seasonal sight is in Sugar Hill.  From Franconia, head toward Sugar Hill and turn onto Route 117. Follow this road and you really can’t miss them.  Be sure to stop by the Sugar Hill Sampler.



Inside this colonial barn you’ll find a unique gift shop and a museum.  Right across the road from the Sampler, you can walk through the lupines on a specially mowed path.  Read the inspirational poetry along the way.   Two other spots not to miss if you’re headed this way are Polly’s Pancake Parlor  where you’ll find made from scratch pancakes and waffles served with pure New Hampshire made syrup; and Harman’s Cheese & Country Store  which boats the “world’s greatest” cheddar cheese in their quaint, classic country setting.



Festival organizers, the Franconia Regional Chamber of Commerce have put together a map of where to see the lupines on the region’s scenic roads and byways.  So what are you waiting for? Grab your map and go, the blooms will only be around a little while longer!







6 thoughts on “For the Love of Lupines! Bring your camera

  1. Go to NH each fall, last week in Sept., always go to Sugarhill and stop at all three places. Good food, Polly’s, great cheeses at Harman’s and many bargains at the Sampler. A must visit for anyone in the area, great fall foliage drive from Lincoln.

    1. Hi Gene,
      Glad to hear you have such a nice time when you visit New Hampshire in the fall. It’s a beautiful time to visit! Thanks for your feedback!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the question. Historically peak foliage in the White Mountains and further south in the state is right around the second week in October, so you’re timing looks like it might be perfect this year. That said, it is always difficult to predict how quickly the leaves will turn and when. Things have slowed down a bit with the warmer weather we’ve been having, but if things start to cool down again the changing of the leaves will likely pick back up. We do have warm weather in the forecast this week, at least until Thursday. I hope that helps and hope you enjoy your trip to NH!

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