Out with the Old, in with the new: Live Free With Kris!

Hi everyone!

I have some great news!   I’m excited to share that as the leaves fall from the trees, and New Hampshire transitions from fall to winter, the Leaf it to Kris blog will make a transformation too!  The adventures will continue with “Live Free with Kris”.  It truly was a lot of fun being able to travel around New Hampshire to share the beautiful foliage with you.  But the reality is, New Hampshire offers amazing scenery and opportunities for adventure every month of the year.  So, as they say, out with the old and in with the new.

Be on the look out in the coming weeks and months for videos and blogs that will highlight cool things to see, do and experience in your travels around this amazing state!  Be sure to follow Live Free with Kris on Facebook and Instagram too!

Stay tuned!


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