On This Day: October 19, 2007

Eleven years ago, DeMeritt Hill Farm cashed in their idyllic farm identity to become one of the most terrifying haunted attractions New England has ever seen.

On this day, DeMeritt Hill Farm held its first-ever haunted house in Lee, now known as Haunted Overload, one of New England’s top-ranked Halloween attractions. In the 11 years since premiering, Haunted Overload has only grown, offering new and unique props and sets each year – all lovingly handmade by the attraction’s many dedicated volunteers – to keep the thousands of guests on their toes as they wander through the haunted wooded trail. Signature annual highlights include the looming 60-foot scarecrow monster; “pumpkin alley,” featuring hundreds of hand-carved jack-o-lanterns; and a hair-raising circus tent equipped with creepy clowns. The trail takes an entire 45 minutes to walk (or run), over a month to break down, and the remainder of the year to prepare for the next October. With the amount of time and effort put into this haunt, it’s no wonder thrill-seekers travel from all over New England to experience a real-life horror film. And did we mention that a portion of the proceeds go to Dover’s Cocheco Valley Humane Society? Check it out for yourself this October…if you dare.



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