Shop local this holiday season and celebrate with New Hampshire made goods!

As you set your table this holiday season, how about including a hearty helping of uniquely New Hampshire made products? Shopping local is a great way to support New Hampshire farms and food makers.  Not sure where to go? Well, no worries! We’ve got a few great ideas to get you started!

Cows in a barn

We started our shop local experience at Brookford Farm in Canterbury.

Lots of pigs in a pen on a farm

Dozens of chickens in a coop like area on a farm

A 600-acre farm, you might expect to find cows, pigs and chickens here.  But there’s much more to this farming operation than meets the eye. Take the cows, they’re 100% grassfed.  Their milk is used at their creamery for a variety of dairy products including raw milk, buttermilk, and yogurt.

Tall stack of shelves with cheese wheels aging on them

Rows of hard cheeses aging on several tiers of shelves

Then there’s the cheeses they make – an incredible selection of hard cheeses like blue, gouda and cheddar – aged on site and soft cheeses such as brie, camembert  and smoked feta.

Variety of jars of fermented vegetables such as carrots, kraut, kimchi and relish

Variety of vegetables including squashes, scallions, carrots, pumpkins, onions, potatoes and eggs

Stop by their farm store to check out their pasture raised meats, along with the wide range of raw fermented vegetables and their certified organic vegetables.

Close up of three varieties of bottled cider at Contoocook Cider

From Canterbury we head to Contoocook and the Contoocook Cider Company at Gould Hill Farm for the next stop on our shop local experience.  This micro-cidery is bottling up an amazing seasonal treat!

Wooden crate filled with McIntosh Apples

Wooden crate with cranberries inside

Their ciders are made with locally sourced ingredients – starting with the apples that are grown right here on the farm.

Four small glasses with samples of different flavors of cider in them

Stacks of wooden crates with bottles of cider on and in them

They offer about a dozen or so varieties – each with their own unique taste, look and smell.  Stop by the tasting room to sample this local flavor – my personal favorite, and perfect for this time of year, was cranberry.

Rows of apple trees with view of Kearsarge Mountain in the background

Interior image of Farm Store with gourds and mustards, syrup and pancake and mixes

While there be sure to take in the beautiful view of nearby Kearsarge Mountain.  And stop into the farm store to check out some other great local finds.

Exterior of Saxy Chef business in Antrim

No holiday gathering would be complete without sweets! For that we headed to Antrim and the Saxy Chef where they’re baking up the perfect ending to your holiday meal.

Dough for pies being pressed through machine

Interior picture of kitchen area with Aubrey prepping pies to be baked

From traditional pies like apple and pumpkin to eggnog and beezleberry there’s plenty to pick from. Aubrey Saxton makes them all.  From scratch.  With locally sourced ingredients.

Close up of pie being crimped

Oven door open showing rows of pies baking

Right down to the crimping of each and every pie. She’s got this down to a science and she has to – during the holidays she’s whipping up 300 or so pies a week.

Variety of brownies and bars packaged for sale

Two pans of baked pies including apple and maple pecan

And that doesn’t include all the bars, brownies and cookies! When this kitchen is in full swing the delicious aroma of the holidays fills the air!  Nothing like being able to serve up a homemade slice of New Hampshire this holiday season!

Each of the places we visited sell their products at their location or you can find Brookford Farm’s products at these  stores, restaurants and farmers markets; Contoocook Cider at restaurants and stores in central and southern New Hampshire; and check these shops for the Saxy Chef’s homemade goods.  NH Made also has an extensive list of other ways to shop local this holiday season.

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