Learn to Ski for Free this winter in New Hampshire

Make this the winter you learn to ski or ride Yes, that’s right. Free. So, get ready to experience the invigorating feeling of swooshing down the slopes this winter in New Hampshire.  Now is the time you can learn for free. Ragged Mountain Resort has designed a program for first time skiers and snowboarders.  Just take a look at the v-log to see how easy it is to get started! Learn more

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With winter on its way, get the scoop on savings at New Hampshire’s Resorts!

Hello again! In case you missed my recent news, I’m excited to share with you, that as the leaves fall from the trees, and New Hampshire transitions from fall to winter, the Leaf it to Kris blogs and videos will make a transition too.  My adventures around the Granite State will continue with Live Free with Kris. I had so much fun traveling around New Hampshire sharing the seasonal sights, and the reality is New Hampshire has some pretty amazing scenery year round! Not to mention the state is packed with outdoor adventures, cool culinary offerings, a whole lot of history, awesome artisans -- and I could go on and on! My mission is to share these things with you. So, as they say, out with the old and in with the new. Read on about Live Free with Kris

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