The Classic & The Counterpart: America’s Stonehenge and Groton’s Sculptured Rocks Natural Area

One is man-made – the only question is when – and the other is a work of Mother Nature. Either way, both unique rock formations are well worth the trek.

Both America’s Stonehenge in Salem and the lesser-known Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in Groton are reminders that our state’s history extends back much farther than we sometimes even realize.

The Classic: America’s Stonehenge [Salem]

Some think that America’s Stonehenge, a set of rock formations tucked away in Salem, could date back more than 4,000 years.  The archaeological site includes chambers and meeting spaces made out of carefully-laid rocks and large slabs of granite – in fact, some think that they form an astronomical calendar that helped ancient farmers with their harvest seasons.

The Counterpart: Sculptured Rocks Natural Area [Groton]

You could be right next to this historical site and not even know it – it looks like an ordinary river unless you reach the right vantage point. But one look down when standing on the small bridge across the Cockermouth River and the exquisite canyon stands in all of its glory. While the smooth arcs and potholes in the bedrock of the canyon look as if they were carved by human hands, they were, in fact, worn smooth by the river over thousands of years thanks to tiny grains of sand suspended in the current.


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