The Getaway Car: Destination NH Seacoast

Connecticut-based parents Ben and Caitlyn were in need of a relaxing night away.  So they hit the road with The Getaway Car for fresh seafood, great beer, and stunning sights of the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Oyster Shucking 101

When the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than savoring a few fresh oysters plucked straight from the Atlantic Ocean. Here are a few pearls of wisdom when it comes to shucking this satisfying seafood.

  1. Gather a sharp oyster knife and clean kitchen towel or cloth napkin that can help anchor the oyster and protect your palm.
  2. Place the oyster, flat side facing up, into the fold of the towel with the tapered end peeking out.
  3. Holding the cloth-wrapped oyster steady against a solid surface, wedge the tip of the knife into the crevice of the oyster’s “hinge.” Jiggle the knife slightly back and forth until the shell gives way.
  4.  Slide the knife down the oyster, holding it horizontally to retain its briny liquid.
  5. Gently use the knife to loosen the muscle away from its shell.
  6. Pick out any debris and dress the oyster with a little lemon juice, horseradish, and a dab of hot sauce. Bottoms up!

Perfect Day on the NH Seacoast

So much to do, so much to sea! New Hampshire’s Seacoast has it all – from beautiful beaches, sweeping ocean views, and historic landmarks to tax-free shopping, craft breweries, and great restaurants serving up fresh seafood. Explore our map and plan your trip!

Seacoast NH Map

  1. Portsmouth Docks
    Dine at water’s edge, then stroll, sip, and shop against the beautiful backdrop of the harbor.
  2. Market Square
    These quaint streets are a hub of activity with tax-free shopping, walking tours, restaurants, galleries, and architecture.
  3. The Franklin Oyster House
    Get a taste of fresh seafood and a treasure trove of small, stand-out dishes made with local, sustainable ingredients. Delicious cocktails too!
  4. Strawbery Banke Museum
    A real-life blast from the past, this outdoor museum takes you on a journey to Portsmouth’s early days.
  5. Odiorne Point State Park
    A beautiful place to picnic, Odiorne Point has sweeping ocean views, meandering trails, and Seacoast Science Center to explore.
  6. Hampton Beach State Park
    Play in the surf and lounge on the soft sand by day, enjoy live music and fireworks by night.