The Lure of the Lupines: 5 Spots for Photo Opps


Pink and purple lupine in foreground of photo, mountain in background

You could pretty much set your calendar to it.  When you see spikes of purple, pink, blue and white dotting the landscape you know it’s got to be June in the 603.  If you’re not sure where to go to photograph them, we’ve got a few ideas.

Head to Sugar Hill, Franconia and Bethlehem and you’re sure to spot the large showy spikes growing just about everywhere – near ponds, along roadsides and of course in fields.

Wooden fence surrounding field with lupines, maple tree in the middle of the field

Close up of lupines and fence post

For the 1st photo opp  – we’re taking you to the field across from the Sunset Hill House  in Sugar Hill.  A wooden fence surrounds the area and there’s a big ole maple tree right in the middle of the field, and of course lupines. Lots and lots of lupines. I’d say that combination pretty much adds up to picture perfect.

Wide open field with lupines and mowed pathway going through it, mountains in distance

Close up of purple lupines with mountains in background

Our 2nd stop is perhaps one of the most well-known places to photograph this perennial.  The field across from the now closed Sugar Hill Sampler (located on Sunset Hill Road in Sugar Hill).  Walk through on the mowed paths that wind around the field and see the lupines up close. Read the inspirational poetry and sayings on the signs along the way.  And be sure to spend time taking in the breathtakingly beautiful mountain views.

Purple lupines in foreground, side of white chapel in background

Close up of lupines, Kris taking picture of lupines

Just down the road from there is spot #3 – Talk about a quintessential New Hampshire country scene – here it is!! A flower filled field right next door to historic St Matthews Chapel. Without a doubt the best vantage point of these spectacular spikes at this stop is from just below the church.

Row of purple lupines in front of lake with mountains in background

Field of lupines, colors include pink, purple, white and magenta

For our 4th spot – we went looking for lupines over by Pearl Lake and what a great find!! Lupine lining the waters edge!  Between the lupines, a lake and majestic mountain views – you really can’t go wrong!!  And a bonus at this stop?? A huge crop of colorful lupine lighting up the field across the road! Purples, pinks, whites and magenta too! How cool is that?!?  To get to Pearl Lake from Harman’s Cheese & Country Store in Sugar Hill, head southwest on NH -117 W toward S road. Take a slight left onto Pearl Lake Road, then a sharp left onto Scotland Road.


Field with lupine and yellow wildflower, boulder in foreground

Purple lupine and yellow wildflower spread out in field

Our final stop of the day is an unassuming field on Route 117. (Head up Route 117 from Polly’s Pancake Parlor and you will see the field on the right). Drive right out into the field on the grassy road and you’re rewarded with a 360 degree view… Check it out the lupine are all around you! Step up on one of the boulders in the field for a different angle… and the sea of yellow wildflowers growing right nearby make for a nice contrast in this colorful scene.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, take a drive around and no doubt you’ll find plenty more. Harman’s Cheese & Country Store has also put together a lupine map to help guide you around to various spots in the region.

Just a reminder if you are out walking in the fields, it’s always a good idea to check for ticks at the end of the day.

Just a reminder to follow our travels around the state on Facebook and Instagram!  If you have suggestions on places you’d like us to explore send them along! Until next time LFWK.

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