This or That: Calef’s Country Store & Black Moose Country Store

The charming 150-year-old Calef’s is a known go-to spot for all things unique and local, but a much newer shop in Windham similarly offers up that quintessential country store experience we know and love.

This: Calef’s Country Store [Barrington]

Calef’s Country Store founder Mary Chesley Calef mortgaged her family farm, pledged her savings, and opened the shop’s doors in 1869. Ever since it has been an iconic stop in New Hampshire. The small building holds a surprisingly wide selection of goods: peanut brittle, smoked cheeses, house blend coffees, garden decor, apparel, furnishings… the list goes on. Plus, over 90 percent of these specialty items are from small New England companies.

That: Black Moose Country Store [Windham]

Black Moose Country Store epitomizes that charming little gift shop you’d expect to find in the northern part of the state – except this one is in Windham. In addition to those general store staples (penny candy being one) there are plenty of affordable gifts and home decor to pursue, many of which are made here in New Hampshire. And with the store always changing with the seasons, you’ll find holiday decorations among everything from candles and postcards, to linens, mugs, and prints.