This or That: Tupelo Music Hall & The Stone Church

Both certain to impress any music lover, one venue is heralded for its diverse and impressive listings while the other remains a secret to many outside of the Seacoast.  

A small Derry farmhouse-turned-music hall now sees renowned comedy and music performances alike, while tucked away in downtown Newmarket, an old stone church is a go-to venue for up and coming local talent. Both historic venues and equally worthy of a visit.

This: Tupelo Music Hall [Derry]

Within three years of being converted from a little farmhouse into a venue, Tupelo Music Hall was hosting over 200 touring shows a year. In 2017, the venue made big moves in Derry, expanding its capacity from 250 seats to over 700. Now a regional favorite, the space attracts nationally-known acts like Melissa Ethridge, The Tubes, and Bob Saget.

That: The Stone Church [Newmarket]

Though the historic venue is better known for supporting top local acts, The Stone Church also hosts many notable performances like Andrew Bird and Phish. Previously a church, the historic, intimate space sits atop a hill in the center of Newmarket, an old mill town home to families and college students (UNH is only five miles away). The town is just remote enough that the centerpiece of the beautiful old stone church – with its boards worn low from dancing and crowds – still eludes the attention of those not looking for it.

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