Unexpected NH: Fiddleheads Gift Shoppe

For a gallery and gift shop all in one, head to Fiddleheads in the Great North Woods – the store dedicated to featuring New England-made items from music to murals, and everything in-between.

When driving down Main Street in Colebrook, keep an eye out for the building-length mural of trees beside a river – it will be the first indication that you have found Fiddleheads, the otherwise unassuming white building home to the North Country’s favorite shop. The vast collection of artisan goods that married couple Ron and Bette Guerin have been selling since 2007 bring in both tourists and a devoted local crowd. Their eclectic shelves carry goods from over 250 artists from New England and Canada – 60 of which are from New Hampshire.

Fiddleheads Gift Shoppe carries the kind of woodworking and pottery you would expect to find in a curated art shop, as well as plenty of oddball items and knick-knacks to explore. You’re as likely to find a fleece-lined hot massage mitt as some stunning sterling silver jewelry. The best part of the shop, though, would have to be the sensible prices. The Guerins feel a dedication to both the artists they represent and their guests, meaning their prices are set where the producers are getting paid for their craft, but the price point is fair enough that visitors feel good about what they’re spending. It’s a tough balance to strike, but the Guerin’s feel is an important one when it comes to supporting local talent. If you can’t make it up north, check out their smaller online collection and support local artisans right from home.

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