Unexpected NH: On The Wing

Jane Kelly rescues and heals injured birds of prey at her Epping home and rehabilitation center, On The Wing.

At a glance, Jane Kelly’s house blends in with the rest in her neighborhood, but a closer look would reveal the unusual large wooden structures dotting the property, and even more unusual is perhaps what’s inside them. Kelly’s home doubles as a raptor rehabilitation center, On The Wing, a refuge for all creatures of the sky – where hawks, owls, and vultures among others are given a second chance.

Growing up with an outdoorsman of a dad, Kelly fell in love with hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors early on. But it wasn’t until she saw firsthand the harsh reality of just how many owls are hit by cars – noting the ten she pulled off Route 1 in just a two-month stretch – did she realize this was something she had to get involved in.

Kelly’s been rehabilitating birds for six years now, and running the Epping-based rehab center On The Wing for three – where shed-like buildings home different birds in all different stages of their recovery. Recognize her? You may have seen her on the show North Woods Law: NH, where she works and collaborates closely with NH Fish and Game, who actually provide Kelly many of the birds she aids, along with members of the community. Kelly not only tends to injuries but gets the birds confident in their flying and hunting skills before releasing them back into the wild. And that release makes it all worth it: The unmatchable moment of seeing a bird’s second chance take flight right from Kelly’s fingertips.

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