#VisitNH Eye Candy: A Warm Winter Sunrise

A look at who, where, and what went into this Instagram-worthy shot.

Taken By 

Brandon Petersen, CrossFit trainer and photographer/videographer

When & Where 

December 2016, Hampton Beach

What it Took

“Though I set up a tripod and messed around with a few lens options, a scene like this doesn’t need much help. The key was getting up early enough to just be there. Anyone can do it – and should do it.”

Why this Shot

“I used to get up early and visit the Seacoast about three times a week just for the sunrises. I fell out of the habit until this dreamy morning reminded me why it’s worth the early alarm. The beach at sunrise is not something you only want to see once or twice in your life.”

Why Shoot in NH

“I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout much of the country and abroad, but I absolutely love New Hampshire, not only is there an undeniable beauty in all four seasons, but because a short drive can lead me to the beach, the city, or the mountains. How often do you come across that variety?”