#VisitNH Eye Candy: Hidden Train Trestle by Evan Leith

A look at who, where, and what went into this Instagram-worthy shot.

Taken By

Evan Leith of Manchester, a part-time freelance photographer.

October of 2017


Hidden Train Trestle in the White Mountains

What it Took

“This photo was a challenge for me, but 100 percent of the challenge was actually finding it. Another photographer, Matt Walker of @RootsWalker, actually captured the location before me, so, after seeing his shot on Instagram, I wanted to find it too and photograph it, but all I knew was that it was in the White Mountains. I looked at a Google map of train tracks trying to find a bridge with a split like this – it took me hours to find online. But after looking at his shot on a desktop version of Instagram, I was able to read some tiny script listing the manufacturer of the bridge, which eventually lead me to the right one. Sometimes being a nerd helps!”

Why this Shot

The split in the tracks makes for very cool compositions depending on the lens, plus, it was just past peak foliage, so trees were starting to become bare. It was surreal when I finally got to the location of a photo I’ve just stared at for so long. I felt like I walked into the photo and was walking around in it.”

Why Shoot in NH

“I just love New Hampshire. It’s home, filled with great people and a little bit of everything: some mountains here, some beaches there, a city just outside of the borders. The seasons are long enough to enjoy and just as you’re getting tired of it, change is right around the corner. I’ve lived in this state for 11 years, traveling heavily throughout it the past two, and still, there is so much left to see.”

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