#VisitNH Eye Candy: Snowy Sunapee’s Melting Sunset

A look at who, where, and what went into this Instagram-worthy shot.

Taken By

TJ Dezotell of Newbury, outdoor guide and photographer


Early winter 2017


Blodgetts Landing, in Newbury NH, on Lake Sunapee

What it Took

“It was a beautiful cold evening and I was out for a walk at sunset. As I came around the corner, I happened upon this crazy sunset just exploding over the town dock. I remember it was one of those early days of winter where you are just starting to be excited about the change of season and reveling in the beauty of the new whiteness all around. There’s just something about that feeling the first few snowfalls of the year gives you.”

Why this Shot

“I love how it shows the winter beauty of a crowded summer spot. This little community swimming dock is the center of this tiny haven of summer homes, which is near empty for most of the winter. It’s a truly beautiful place. The brilliant coloring of the sky and the location absolutely drew me to the spot. I feel like there is something about the photo that brings to mind both summer and winter memories at the same time.”

Why Shoot in NH

“NH is a truly spectacular place to be a photographer and guide, with such opportune mountains, lakes, and streams. There’s such a nice combination of country and culture here, it’s easy to get up every morning and think up a new way to share this idyllic area with others.”

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