#VisitNH Eye Candy: The Swift River by Harry Lichtman

A look at who, where, and what went into this Instagram-worthy shot. 

Taken By

Harry Lichtman of Newmarket, a fulltime freelance photographer


Fall of 2016


Along the Swift River near the Kancamagus Highway

What it Took

“It was a dry autumn, which allowed me to access the middle of the river. I wear rain pants and old hiking boots when I do this type of river wading to keep me warmer, but there is still no staying dry. I used my hiking pole and my tripod for balance to get down low to the water with a wide-angle lens to make the water rushing by most prominent. My legs went numb in the cold water, but it was worth the waiting to get the clouds to move to just the right spot – I didn’t want a full blue sky, clouds add a little drama.’

Why this Shot

“So many factors were just right: the rapids, the peak fall foliage, plus perfect lighting. It’s an idyllic White Mountain autumn scene.”

Why Shoot in NH

“The NH landscape can be challenging compared to out West, as we have more rounded mountains and the shortest seacoast in the U.S. But the fantastic variety makes you work harder and become a better photographer. To be able to find great compositions under the best light and to become familiar with each new spot are all unique challenges I enjoy.”


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