#VisitNH Eye Candy: Woodstock through a Snow Globe

A look at who, where, and what went into this Instagram-worthy shot.

Taken By

Juan Leal Trevino, Northeastern University student from Monterrey, Mexico


February 2017


Woodstock, NH

What it Took

“I wanted to explore the town I was visiting, so I took a walk around my friend’s house and ended up on this beautiful path in the forest. The path was quite something by itself, but I felt that the photo needed a subject. I pulled out my Lensball and lined it up with the path to give the photo both a focus as well as a sense of symmetry that made it look much more aesthetically pleasing. The end result was better than I even expected.”

Why this Shot

“I love the depth that is created between the subject and the background. The contrasting colors and shapes really complement each other, giving this super wintery vibe. I remember sitting at the balcony of my friend’s house, sipping some coffee in the morning and just enjoying the peace and quiet of the mountains – I wanted to capture that.”

Why Shoot in NH

“I’ve only been in New Hampshire once, but I plan to come back in the fall season when the landscape is completely transformed. That’s what I love most about this state, is how drastically the scenery changes depending on what season it is, and whatever time of the year, it seems like there’s no shortage of a beautiful place to experience.”

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