The Getaway Car: Montréal to the Wintry White Mountains

Montréal influencers, Bianca Rizzuto and Carmelo Preziuso, wanted a one-of-a-kind winter getaway, so they hopped in the Visit NH Getaway Car for an unforgettable adventure just south of the border in New Hampshire.

Meet the Pups

They’re furry. They’re friendly. And they’ve all got endless energy! Click through to get acquainted with some of the Muddy Paw pups and start planning your own epic dog sledding day trip to New Hampshire!

Inside the Ice Castles

Mesmerizing, Insta-worthy scenes and sparkling structures are just the tip of the iceberg. The Ice Castles in Woodstock, NH are a portal into a magical, wintery world. One where fun is around every glistening corner and dreamy memories are frozen in time. Experience it for yourself.